Research Areas of Civil Engineering and Architecture Faculty

  • Research on technological and functional quality factors on technical parameters, structure service life and ongoing  corrosion processes
  • Residents comfort analysis for existing and newly built structures, as a function of material solutions, heat preservation, protection against noise and vibrations,
    Bridge structure mechanics
  • Construction and operation of flexible and semi-rigid road pavements
  • Numerical modeling of non-linear processes in structures and structural materials
  • Modeling of behavior of composite materials and structural members in presence of mechanical and thermal loads
  • Methodology for estimation of technical condition of relic buildings – protection and conservation of listed building
  • Energy preservation in structural engineering
  • Research on static work and cracking of uniform and complex concrete elements
  • Capacity and stability of steel members working in normal or elevated temperatures and in fire conditions
  • Engineering of mineral resources soils and structural materials
  • Research on similarity estimation methods in real estate valuation
  • Meaning of location identity in multicultural region
  • Architectural and urban heritage of Lublin Region
  • Balanced architecture and urban planning
  • Technology and management in civil engineering