Centre of excellence for the application of superconducting and plasma technologies in power engineering (ASPPECT)

Project Description
The Centre of Excellence for the Application of Superconducting and Plasma Technologies in Power Engineering - ASPPECT was established at the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnologies, Technical University of Lublin, Poland. The program was focused on creation of the leading training site on the application of superconducting and plasma technologies in power engineering in the south-eastern part of Poland, and integration of the Centre with European research area through establishing networks, twinning arrangements, as well as dissemination of knowledge. The Centre was established to facilitate innovation and technology transfer towards industry. The goal of ASPPECT was not only to strengthen the established international scientific position of the Centre, but also to built capacity of the unit as a potent research partner for Polish industry.
The CoE ASPPECT was aimed at developing activity in the multi-disciplinary area of advanced superconductivity and plasma technologies in power engineering in the following directions: education and training, networking and cooperation with leading European research centers, increasing the number of highly qualified young researchers, stimulating international cooperation, initiating joint research aimed at specific engineering problems and enhancing involvement of Polish researchers in European Union Programmes.
The main objectives of CoE ASPPECT are:

  • to increase efficiency and innovativeness in the field of power engineering,
  • to strengthen the linkages with the European Union,
  • to integrate the Centre with the European research area, to provide training on EU’s directives concerning power engineering,
  • to improve links with outstanding Centeres in the European Union, to establish twinning mechanism with the European Centres of Excellence,
  • to encourage young researchers to undertake the measures offered by the Centre,
  • to transform research potential of the Centre towards advanced fields of the application of superconducting and plasma technologies in power engineering,
  • to advance the science through lectures, exchange of ideas, visiting fellows and new approaches through inviting experts from the European Union,
  • to develop international cooperation through involvement with remarkable foreign specialists sustainable development.

The activities of the Centre have been divided into 9 workpackages. The workpackages have been selected in such a way, that promoting the interdisciplinary approach. They combined basic and applied activities related to the application of superconducting and plasma technologies in power engineering, providing an attractive base for networking and twinning arrangements. The assumed objectives have been achieved by organizing international conferences, workshops, seminars, PhD studies, summer courses, postgraduate studies, networking and promotion.
The ELMECO International Conference was the forum for exchanging experience and presenting achievements. We organized accompanied workshops in order to upgrade the qualification of the specialists in Poland with the assistance and guidance of the EU countries specialists. The Institute of Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnologies has co-organized post graduate studies for the faculty employees as well as for the employees of industrial companies. Intensive international cooperation of the established Centre enabled to raise the level of PhD studies. The established Centre contributed to strengthen the cooperation with the Marshal of Lublin Province – Mr Edward Hunek, especially in the field of the foundation of the Park of Technology. The Centre became the coordinator of the national network of the research institutions for superconductors applications and plasma techniques in power engineering.
The realization of the project: Centre of Excellence for Application of Superconductivity and Plasma Technologies in Power Engineering ASPPECT has brought many valuable results. The most important are:

  1. The CoE ASPPECT is the only in the Lublin Region that carries research and education activities in the field of superconductivity and plasma technologies and their application in power engineering. Attainment the status of CoE by the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnologies together with Laboratory of Superconductivity Applications facilitated getting financial resources from Polish Research Committee (KBN) and Ministry of High Education (MEN) for research, education, necessary laboratory and presentation equipment, library resources and back-up facilities of the Centre ASPPECT, and first of all, received funds allowed to rebuild old store-room “Hala Żółta” in the Campus of Lublin University of Technology and to adapt it for the new seat of the Centre ASPPECT. Thanks to this, the much better conditions for education in the field of superconductivity and plasma technologies have occurred. The centre started to play the role of the scientific and research base for local industry and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  2. During the project realization the staff of the centre has published more scientific papers, mainly in English in the well recognized international scientific journals.
  3. The number of the participants of the international conferences organized by the CoE ASPPECT as well the participation of the centre staff in conferences organized by other research centres considerably increased.
  4. The level of undergraduate and graduate thesis prepared under the supervision of the CoE scientific staff has been improved.
  5. More professors and scientists from Poland and abroad have visited the CoE ASPPECT.

General Project Information
Project Reference: ENK6-CT-2002-80668 Contract Type: Preparatory, accompanying and support measures
Start Date: 2003-01-01

End Date: 2005-12-31
Duration: 36 months Project

Status: Completed
Project Acronym: ASPPECT

Budget: 249.920 €

Person responsible:
Prof. Tadeusz JANOWSKI


(Lublin University of Technology)
ul. Nadbystrzycka 38A